The Omba Arts Trust (Omba) is an NGO that supports some 400 artisans, of which 60% are San living on resettlement farms and in conservancies across nine regions of the country. Besides helping them develop and market their iconic crafts, Omba also addresses food and resource security with water-wise homestead gardens and tree-planting projects.

Most artisans are almost entirely dependent on the income they receive from their crafts or art that Omba markets and sells to tourists. The majority of Omba artisans are women, many of whom are single heads of households.

The Twin Hills Trust supports the following Omba projects:

Online marketing of artisan products

The collapse in the tourism market in Namibia, due to Covid 19, has reduced Omba art sales by over 85%. This has placed the organization into crisis mode: full-time staff have had to be retrenched and the income earned by artisans has plummeted. Omba has to transition to an internet and social media-based marketing approach to increase its sales.

Twin Hills funding will allow the organization to appoint a specialist to develop and implement an online marketing strategy to increase the sale of products produced by San and other artisans.

Food security for San artisans

Since the collapse of the tourism market caused by Covid-19, almost all income of the San artisans supported by Omba, has ceased. This has led to artisans struggling, more than usual, to buy food and malnutrition rates have increased considerably.

Twin Hills funding will allow Omba to supply two large food consignments to 130 San artisans living on four resettlement farms in the remote Omaheke and Ohangwena Regions.